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How to use EMUI smart data savings on Huawei and Honor

EMUI 9.1

Reduce mobile data consumption It's something that worries users. Luckily, there are more and more improvements in this field, such as the data-saving mode available in many Android applications. In addition, each personalization layer usually also introduces some improvements or functions in this field. This is the case of Huawei and Honor phones with EMUI.

In the phones that use the latest versions of EMUI we find an interesting function. It's about smart data saving. A function that allows users with Huawei and Honor phones to reduce the consumption of mobile data on their phone and thus squeeze their rate to the maximum.

In this way, from the personalization layer itself we can have a mobile data manager, with which to prevent the consumption of mobile data from going off. It may be of interest to users with Huawei and / or Honor phones, especially if they have a limited data rate, which they don't want to overcome. In this way, this function in EMUI will help to better manage this consumption.

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Smart data savings in EMUI

Android data usage

What exactly does the intelligent data saving we find in EMUI do? It is probably the doubt that many users have, since they want to know if this function in Huawei phones is really effective or not, if it is worth using. The method used in this function on the phone is restrict application access that are installed on the phone at the rate connection.

In this way, what we do is that the applications they will not use mobile data when they are in the background. It allows users to save a good amount of mobile data in this way, preventing them from consuming the maximum of their rate. A good option if we have a data rate that is not unlimited. The interesting thing is that it is a function that we can customize at all times.

Since this smart data saving in EMUI allows to add exceptions. So we can determine if there are applications that we want to be able to continue operating, therefore consuming mobile data in the background. There are applications that may be interesting to continue having such a possibility, such as those that have to issue notifications (Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, etc.) or others such as Google Play Store. So that everything works well with these applications on the phone. But each one decides in his case, adding the exceptions that he considers appropriate.

How to enable smart data saving

EMUI smart data saving

In order to proceed with the activation of this smart data saving in EMUI, we have to open the phone settings first. When we have opened the phone settings we enter the Wireless and networks section. Next we enter the option of Data usage.

In this option we will see that there are several sections available, one of which is intelligent data saving, so we enter it. The first thing we have to do in this case is to proceed to its activation, since this data saving is disabled by default in EMUI. We activate it by pressing on the switch inside the section. This will start working normally and help us save mobile data in this way.

Then, as we have told you in the previous section, we have the possibility of adding exceptions if we want. There are some applications on Android that may be interesting for us that keep mobile data in the background, such as Gmail, WhatsApp or other messaging or mail apps, but others such as the Play Store may need it. So we must deliver these exceptions to those applications that are necessary. The rest of the applications on the phone can be left without such access, which will help us reduce the consumption of mobile data in Huawei.

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