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Google introduces the new Pixel 3A and the Pixel 3A XL

The company presents the main novelties at its annual developer conference


It celebrates these days its annual developer conference, Google I / O, with an eye on artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The company's CEO, Sundar Pichai, has taken the stage today at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, to explain what improvements the company wants to introduce in 2019 to make, according to Pichar, a ?more private and more intuitive? Google

The Mountain View company

He unveiled one of his worst kept secrets on Tuesday, the new Pixel 3A and the 3A XL, whose images were already leaked to the media a few weeks ago.

In a crowded stadium where thousands of people gathered, Google stressed that it wants to democratize intermediate-high-end mobile phones.

Pixel 3A will be on sale from Tuesday for $ 399 (356.69 euros) and the XL for $ 479 (approximately 428 euros). Of course, this more affordable price also comes at the cost of reducing the capacity of several functions

In comparison to the Pixel 3

Although without compromising the quality of the camera, it remains one of the best in the market with a 12.2 megapixel sensor and f / 18 in the rear camera.

The difference with the Pixel 3 is that it does not have the Pixel Visual Core for photos and that in general it has a slower processor.

Apart from the new Pixel

Attendees hoped to hear was especially what are Google's plans with augmented reality and artificial intelligence. At the entrance of the event, posters could be seen referring to the maps to navigate in I / O this year, where it was recommended to use this navigation mode.

When Pichai took the stage, he made it clear that augmented reality will be one of the main novelties this year in the browser. From now on, users will be able to access augmented reality images by searching the browser itself, without downloading any applications and they will be able to see the images on their phones.

They have shown at the conference that education is found. An anatomy student can visualize a model of human body muscles actually augmented immediately on his phone. Or if a user wants to know how some shoes will fit, he can search the model directly from the search engine and see them on the phone.

The company has also announced

It will improve the news section of the search engine. Now, if you are looking for news, Google will use machine learning to show all aspects of the story, and give more background.

As part of its push towards a more intuitive model, Google has also introduced new models of artificial intelligence and voice, where the user can perform complex actions without having to play the keyboard. This virtual assistant will be available this year on Android devices.

Google has also submitted

The latest edition of Android Q Beta (the latest update of the Android operating system), that within a few months it will incorporate a new function called Focus Mode, which closes applications and email during working hours, but allows you to receive and send text messages.

This year, those from Mountain View have also wanted to give more space to those users who have certain hearing disabilities or speech difficulties.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Google developers have made it possible for users to now read subtitles immediately in 70 languages ??and even recognize people with disabilities when speaking.

As a test

Google is putting a good part of its energy into artificial intelligence, news has also been announced in Google Lens.