Rediseño de YouTube

Google announces a redesign of the interface for YouTube

YouTube redesign

Pigeon, the new Google transport app, was barely released, but as usual, the company stays busy trying to offer performance improvements and other details in all its applications and tools. Currently has announced on your website a change that your YouTube application will have, a design change that allow the user to navigate better.


To be kinder to the first impression For the user, YouTube releases a new way to see the thumbnails of the contents. Count on less videos shown at the beginning why the thumbnails increase its size This allows a greater chance of seeing the long titles, the icons of the channels will be added and a little more display of information about the video.

This new interface has a better resolution in the previews of the videos, and although the tags for the themes still exist, have been removed blocks to divide the categories that allow a cleaner main screen.

Thumbnails of the new YouTube design

New functions

Now the user could add videos to your list to the queue from the same thumbnail, just leave the cursor in the preview to display the button you add to the temporary playlist. These videos they will get lost if YouTube closes, however, the watch list is still available later so as not to have a problem with this.

Also for greater interaction With the user, he can access a new button with which he can select which channels he wants to stop showing as suggestions. These channels may continue to be accessible if they are found using the search tool or in the labels.

New YouTube features

Finally, YouTube already has support for the HDR of the iPhone 11, in addition, Google has said that coming soon be available for the desktop and tablet version, another function that has already been implemented for mobile devices with Android. This functionality gives the user the option to select your favorite topics and thus give a personalization to your home page.