Cinco características de Kindle Fire que me gustaría ver en mi Android

Five features of Kindle Fire that I would like to see on my Android

We have a week that we do not stop. Two days ago we met with the presentation of the two new Motorola phones and their new update commitment (finally Google's hand shows), also the presentation of the new Nokia phones with WP8 and the new touch-ups of Nokia video (not necessarily made with a Lumia, ehem…) and yesterday the presentation of the new Amazon tablets: the Kindle Fire HD 7 and 8.9 ”.

As we saw with the first Kindle Fire, Amazon's new devices offer us hardware with features that are slightly tighter than those of the competition, but that offer a user experience (using an Android fork for it) totally based on Amazon's cloud tools instead of Google's.

We already enjoyed the Amazon Android app store in all the androids, which was later used in the Kindle Fire and thanks to it we can enjoy some great applications with its promotion of one free per day.

And taking advantage of these developments, as well as that we already enjoyed some interesting feature of Amazon, I would like to share with you those that we do not enjoy yet and that it would be great to have on our androids at hand.

Game network and application synchronization

These new devices will connect to a network called WhisperSync that will allow our scores to be synchronized between devices, as is already the case in the iOS Game Center or Steam on PC. It may seem like a bullshit, but if you are one of those who, like me, like to flirt on the mobile and also like to use it to play, you can keep a span of noses when with each reinstallation you have to walk making external backups (using Titanium or My Backup) and then restoring. There will come a time when he will forget and goodbye 8 months of Angry Birds …

I install Steam on my PC, and automatically any game that I have used before on the platform is synchronized between all my machines, wouldn't it be great to play a game of (for example) Broken Sword on the tablet and when you go on the train open it on your phone and continue where you left it in the other toy? Well, it seems that Amazon is preparing to offer us that, not Google at the moment, and it would be a good idea to consider it

Cultural content in quantities

The truth is that in this sense, from Mountain View they are making a great effort and day after day the results are appreciated, although they are still very far from what the Bezos company offers us. The amount of books available on Amazon is huge, it is simply the largest bookstore in the world right now, and I personally would appreciate being able to enjoy such an extensive catalog on Google Play.

In addition, movies have been added to the catalog recently in our country (somewhat more in the US) and the catalog is growing at a much faster rate than books, so at least they help offset that unbalanced balance a bit.

Real multi-user management

Android already natively incorporates the multi-user management of the devices, but it is not working right now by default, so in practice this is nothing. However, Amazon has implemented a system that allows us to manage accounts for all family members, including a new and effective parental control system, which allows children to be assigned a maximum daily quota for use, to prevent end up like me They abuse entertainment and can disregard their obligations.

That is, we have that Amazon devices can be used by all family members, so that everyone can enjoy a unique experience of use, without being affected by the interference of the rest.

3G / 4G connection at a reduced price

Given that the content consumed with these Amazon Kindle Fire is mostly streaming, it is necessary to have a permanent internet connection. This is why Amazon introduced a variant of the Kindle Fire HD with integrated 4G connection. Apart from the tablet, users must pay about 49 dollars annually and will have 250 MB per month and 20 GB of cloud storage.

Google could do something similar with the Nexus 7 and with Google Drive, because capacity is not lacking. A Nexus 7 with integrated 3G connection from Google would be a real boom in the world. This measure would help them strengthen both Google Play and Google Drive.


Apparently, this Kindle Fire incorporates a new system based on two Wi-Fi antennas that reaches speeds of up to 31 Mbps. This is a notable improvement over the 21 of the Nexus 7 and the vast majority of Android devices. It is certainly a much needed improvement in these times where internet connection is essential.

The best thing about all this? That this time they are going to cross the puddle, and come to Spain to spend Christmas, they can be booked on Amazon Spain and will be sent from the end of October.

And you, what do you think? Do you miss some of this on your androids? Do you think the Kindle Fire HD will be the Christmas gift?