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Facebook seeks to improve the security of its users.

Facebook Wednesday announced the adoption of "additional" measures to give users a "greater control" of their private data, after the Cambridge Analytica (CA) scandal that put the powerful social network in check.

Among the measures to be adopted, simplified access to security options and greater ease to collect, download and delete all personal information stored by Facebook, AFP said, are included.

According to the company, simplified access to security options will allow users greater control of the personal information disclosed and also targeted advertising.

"We will be taking additional measures in the coming weeks to give people more control of their privacy," The head of the privacy unit, Erin Egan, and the deputy general counsel, Ashlie Beringer, said in a blog.

"We have heard clearly and strongly that privacy settings and other tools are too difficult to find and we must do much more to keep people informed," indicated in the note.

Earlier this month, programmer Christopher Wylie revealed that the British-American firm Cambridge Analytica created psychological profiles of 50 million Facebook users through a personality prediction application, in order to use them in Donald's campaign Trump in 2016.

The application was downloaded by 270,000 people, but also collected information about the contacts of each user and from that expanded its reach, as was possible under the rules that Facebook applied so far.

Egan and Beringer also announced updates to Facebook's terms of service and data policy to improve transparency about how the site collects and uses personal information. Last week, Facebook's top boss Mark Zuckerberg said that, in 2014, ?The platform was completely changed to significantly limit the amount of data accessed by these applications? as used by Cambridge Analytica.

However, important analysts questioned the new promises, noting that he himself Zuckerberg I had already announced in the past reinforcements in the company's privacy policy.

For this reason Facebook It now has the difficult task of convincing its users that their information is private and is sure to fall into the hands of third parties. But it is not the first time that his security has been said since for many years the giant of Social Networks has been linked to an agency like the CIA.