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Everything you need to know about the 2017 revelation game

In the world of video games, there are occasions that a game acquires such popularity that its formula ends up being "copied" by other developers. The tendency? Launch successes from the PC world to mobile devices.

In spite of whoever weighs you, in the world of gaming, the PC is the most profitable platform for players looking for maximum fun and competitiveness. Far from the closed environments of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, the Steam model allows small developers to get great visibility, even if their game is still in beta.

PUBG, the 2017 revelation game

The last bombing has been Playerunknown Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG. If you are in contact with the world of videogames, this game probably has played for you, which has become the title with the most active players on Steam. He is also responsible for "kidnapping" my friends, who are delighted with this game.

And what happens when a game becomes fashionable? That imitators are born everywhere. If Steam is a more open video game market than the game console model, Google Play is even less restrictive.

The developers know that when a game it goes viral, searches for that title grow exponentially on Google Play. Either for players who want to live the experience of their favorite game on mobile, or simply for those who do not have a PC to play and want to try the fashion game. Already analyzed a few days ago one of the best versions of a game based on PUBG, by the way.

And what exactly is this game about?

The genres of video games allow us to know in a simple way what type a game is, even before we can see or try it. In the case of PUBG, their gender would be that of Battle Royale, a new genre that is increasingly popular today, just as the MOBA were thanks to games like League of Legends.

This genre is characterized by a map in which each player will appear at a specific point. As time passes, the map will shrink in size. Players can find weapons, and the goal of the game is to be the last player alive on the map. Simple, at the same time addictive.

Tencent takes over the rights of PUBG for Android

Image courtesy of TechInAsia.

Through a press release, Tencent has confirmed that they have reached an agreement to co-develop a version of PUBG with BlueHole; the study that created the original title; In addition to being in charge of a version of the game adapted to the Chinese market, a market known for being very restrictive in regards to launches. Without a doubt, an important point for the expansion of the game.

If it doesn't sound like you, Tencent is currently the biggest video game company in China. In the West she is known for being the full owner of Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, a game that today is still the most popular game with the best income figures worldwide. With this alliance, Tencent claims to be on the side of one of the few games that have the ability to dethrone their star game. In addition to the benefit of being behind a game that will be tremendously popular on Android.

What can we expect from PUBG for Android

Today, Tencent has only announced that they will be involved in the development of the mobile version. There is no official release date, although they have indicated that in the near future they will share more details about this title.

However, to see what we could expect from the arrival to Android, we could make a simile with its star game; the LOL; and the mobile version of this. There are many games that have tried to be the Android LoL, such as Vainglory or Mobile Legends, but the only one that has Tencent's approval is Arena of Valor

Having played the PC and mobile versions, I hope that the PUBG that we see on Android ends up being a version that preserves the foundations of the original game. The controls would be adapted to the touch screen, and as in Arena of Valor, the game mechanics would offer some help to replace the keyboard and mouse jump to the touch

For now, all this is speculation, but we will be aware to tell you all the details.