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Zombie Blast Crew is an action arcade with many zombies

Zombie Blast Crew arrives from Vivid Games to leave you stunned Given how well they have done both visually and technically. Yes, it is a zombie game, but that is capable of recreating that hostile world with an entire arcade that seems to be taken from those more console.

Great quality for a title that gives off what you are going to spend pipe killing, improving your hero and discovering the large number of areas that await you. That can be put to the face that does not have multiplayer, but thanks to those animations and moments in which we will be surrounded by many zombies, we forget everything.

Zombies everywhere and for everyone

Zombie Blast Crew

It's another zombie game, although this time they put us before the real control of our hero that you will have to face a multitude of them through different levels. The basis of the gameplay is to pass missions in which we have to perform a series of actions. To make everything easier, we will have skills that we can exchange and improve.

Zombie Blast Crew

Survivor control is done through the control stick and those buttons that allow us to shoot and use any of the skills. Among them we have the ability to deploy a machine gun turret and that she alone will be able to eliminate a few zombies. Then we also have grenades and even a medicine cabinet with which to restore the life that those walkers take away from us.

And go thinking that you are going to have to work a little, since many zombies will appear as we undertake the first levels. That is to say, it is not an easy game in which we can make up while we prepare to go out on this Halloween night.

Important: improve your team in Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew

Zombie Blast Crew is one of those games in which we will enjoy improving our team and go changing different skills in order to deploy the greatest amount of fire in the enemy. All missions will end in a helicopter that will come to the rescue, while we wait for the area to clear.

As many missions will be to endure an area while activating some of the actions that will allow us to do in this zombie game. We also talk about a freemium game in which are the famous loot boxes, so you know what you are going to face on the welcome screen.

Nothing that surprises us, already accustomed to those menus that incite us to use the card to buy packs and thus have better tools with which to then deal with those zombies. As we have said before, we miss the multiplayer, since this game looks great, so in a cooperative way it would be a great experience to enjoy.

Vivid Games does it

Zombie Blast Crew

We are also left with the great feeling that we are facing an editor who knows how to publish very good games on Android. Along these lines we had Gravity Rider Zero a few weeks ago, or the casual Pocket Mini Golf that is not bad at all. So with Zombie Blast Crew we go straight to an entire arcade in which the technical dazzles and in which the visual leads us to very well executed animations.

But of all this we stay with the effect of skills, the design of the environment and those very dynamic animations that make the games very lively. The truth is that they have managed to bring a very arcade game in which each game becomes an experience.

For shoot ?em up fans it comes Zombie Blast Crew eager to become one of the games of zombies of the year. If you are looking for good action, it is already taking time to install this freemium game on your Android mobile.

Editor's Opinion

Zombie Blast Crew

  • Editor rating
  • 3.5 star rating


  • Important visual display at all levels
  • Its dynamism and intensity
  • Many zombies at the same time

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