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Xiaomi exceeds sales records in China on 11.11


Xiaomi is the mobile brand with the highest profits on 11.11

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November 15, 2017

xiaomi evo phablet

Xiaomi has been the protagonist in recent times in both the smartphone and tablet format. To the exceeding of the record of sales in October, and its jump to Spain, an implantation is added that has improved with respect to 2016 and that has served to place more comfortably between one of the five with more market share in the world.

After the closure of 11.11 of this year, the Chinese technology has announced its figures during the big date of consumption of the Asian giant. Next, we tell you the data they have thrown and we will see what can be the possible causes that during the 2017 edition, it has exceeded the marks obtained in previous calls. Will we see sustained growth or find nuances as in many other cases?

Xiaomi Mi Max Big Phablets

The results

As collected from GSMArena, during 11.11, the Asian brand achieved benefits close to 2.5 billion yuan, which in return are about 315 million euros. This data has already been positioned as the best in the history of the firm during this appointment, since the best brand obtained before, that of 2014, was 198 million euros. The sale of mobile phones has not been responsible for these profits exclusively, since in its place of origin, the company has launched other media among which they would highlight smart televisions and devices linked to the Internet of Things.

Xiaomi, a giant with feet of mud?

Despite its leap to other markets through physical stores in Europe, the truth is that the thick sales Xiaomi, as with other technology in the Great Wall Country, is produced in China And your neighbors. If we add to this the large size of the Asian giant's market, made up of hundreds of millions of potential consumers, and the proximity of other emerging markets such as India, the results obtained can be very high but still have many conditions.

xiaomi mipad colors

The rest of the consumer campaigns of 2017

When we showed you the results of the technology in October, we told you that it plans to break new sales records taking advantage of the pull of Black Friday and the Christmas campaign. However, as we also reminded you, in areas like Spain, Xiaomi will have to deal with other more consolidated manufacturers in our country. What do you think? Do you think the data should be taken into account with nuances, or that the position of this firm is already indisputable? We leave you available related information such as a comparison of the Mi Max 2 with the Huawei Mate 10 Lite so you can give your opinion.