Cleaner de Xiaomi

Xiaomi Cleaner is here to clean your garbage mobile

Xiaomi Cleaner

Cleaner Lite is a new app that comes from Xiaomi and that goes into beta state for you to try it in advance. An app dedicated to cleaning the “junk” or trash you have on your Android mobile.

This new app from Xiaomi we can download it all And it is not linked to a Chinese brand phone. That is, you can install it now to have an experience very similar to Google's Files Go.

Very similar to Google Files Go

They were already taking in imitating the experience that Files Go provides and that is characterized by facilitating, for those not learned in the new technologies, to clean your mobile of that garbage, duplicate elements or large files, and that can occupy your space in those more limited mobiles in internal memory.

Cleaner Lite

Of course, we must make it very clear that in a matter of design Cleaner Lite It is a well worked app and it shows that clear language that offers a great user experience. An app that at first seems limited in functions, but that is seen after we do the first cleaning of that garbage that we have on our mobile as lost APKs and more.

That is, we talk about an app responsible for cleaning the cache and those unnecessary files that we no longer use neither we nor our mobile system. That first offers us a number of reasons not to disregard it and set it aside, although for those who can not live without Google Files Go, it may fall short.

What we do not understand is that of "lite". That is, supposedly there will be a premium app that we can buy and that this lite is the free one that will come with advertising. At the moment he does not have it and everything he has gives it in a download without more. So when you get out of the beta it will supposedly bring the paid version.

Its basic characteristics

Cleaner Lite

Cleaner Lite is characterized by:

  • Clean your mobile trash: Cleaner Lite is responsible for finding junk files, cache, obsolete installation packages or APKS, residual data from apps and other elements that take their place in the memory of the mobile.
  • Clean images: Cleaner Lite is able to detect overexposed and dark images, accidental ones, unfocused and even duplicates. We can perfectly select which are the photos that you have to delete after showing the selection of them that you intend to delete, provided that we approve it.
  • Delete large files: those large files that are in the mobile will be found by Cleaner Lite to delete them if we wish.

All these different elements includes them in their sections to show the exact amount of gigabytes or megabytes they occupy for a quick review and decision making.

The Cleaner Lite app

Cleaner Lite

First, we will clean the cache and those junk files. It will be the first screen you find. Delete lost APKs, and will clean. After that, you will go through the rest of the sections to decide on duplicate images or sections related to large files.

Everything will with flashy animations and with a great touch in the design of the application. What we would like to know is what happens with the lite app. And if we go to settings we will not find anything. So we don't know what will happen with all those functions. If they will stay in this or go to the premium.

Be that as it may, Xioami has launched an interesting app that, although it has its similarities with Google Files Go, by itself it is worth enough to be in charge of cleaning our mobile when we feel that it is slow and needs a good review. You have it in advance installation to test its virtues and benefits.