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We give Vivaldi a few days to prove his very satisfactory experience

Vivaldi Android

Vivaldi was launched a few days ago and has brought to Android that great experience of user offered on the PC. In fact, we could almost say that it is a browser for your mobile that can perfectly replace Chrome.

And we don't say it by saying, but because it comes well loaded and sailing with it means launch websites even faster than the Google browser. We have tested these days at Vivaldi and we bring you its best features in detail.

Starting in beta and adapted to be used with one hand

Vivaldi has reached Android in beta status. Which means that It is open to more features and improvements in performance. That is, we will be able to have the same characteristics of the great experience that it offers in its desktop version for PCs.

Vivaldi Note 10

A great arrival that starts from the premise of give us a fast and fluid browser, and that is adapted to today's times where we barely touch the UI elements at the top, to focus more on those that are positioned at the bottom; Everything is due to those more elongated phones and all screens, and of which we can highlight the Galaxy with its One UI.

This first tells us that they have worked Vivaldi enough to become one of the mobile browsers which you have to keep track of for years to come. The layout of the navigation bar at the bottom with quick access to the favorites, on the left the button for bookmarks and the right of the open tabs, indicates that it will make it very difficult for those who have become accustomed to campaign freely during these last years.

Vivaldi stomping

You can see how well it works by loading pages with the GIF that we share below. The truth that surprises in this aspect, and if we add that they want to bring the same PC experience, although for now we have to forget the extensions, we have before us a more than firm candidate.

Vivaldi loading

At the top we already have the URL and on the right the Vivaldi button that takes us to a side panel with refresh page, add bookmark, new tab, private, clone tab, recent, share, search the page, capture page, add to start, computer version, configure, help and exit.

As you can see, it is approaching also in some aspects to the experience that Chrome gives, although, in our opinion, better "drawn" to offer a user experience with one hand and without the need to use the other just.

From the settings

All this is the first thing that Vivaldi shows, if we then dive into the settings, we find a lot of options. We can change the search engine (Bing is default), manage the passwords to synchronize them with our PC account, select payment methods for autocomplete, synchronization, addresses, notifications and then a series of functions aimed at the privacy, accessibility and configuration of the website; without forgetting the possibility of selecting several languages ??for our navigation.

Vivaldi Browser

So Vivaldi, in general terms, generates a very pleasant experience for the first version launched 4 days ago and has not been updated yet. This also indicates that they have arrived with the duties done to attract more and more users to their bosom.

Vivaldi is going to have to do with the hard bones of Android such as Chrome, Firefox and many others, but at first it has given us the best of the sensations to test how they load well those websites that we usually visit. In fact, loading Facebook is almost divine and turns around when we do the same in Chrome. If you want to try a new experience and give it your support, don't hesitate to go to the beta of this great web browser that has arrived as new to Android.

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