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The seven best alternatives to Inbox for Android

Inbox is considered by many users one of the best email clients in the market. Unfortunately, a few months ago Google announced its closure permanently. A closing that will be effective in March of this year. Users who have used this service on Android, are forced to look for new options to use their email from the phone.

The good news is that despite the closure of Inbox, there are many options available. Thanks to them it is possible to have a good management of your emails in a very comfortable way. In addition, there are options that opt ??for functions or an interface similar to that of Inbox. Therefore, surely one is of your interest.


Gmail extends the limit of attachments to 50 MB, but with trick

One of the "responsible" for the closure of Inbox has been Gmail, also owned by Google. It has been a fierce competitor, especially because it is installed by default on Android phones. In addition, it is the most used email service worldwide. So users will also use it on their smartphone.

Although there is no merit to Gmail, which is possibly one of the best mail applications for Android Its interface has improved over time with various updates. In addition, it has been introducing a multitude of new functions that allow a better use of it for users. One of the star functions in recent times has been its intelligent responses, which allow responding to emails more quickly.

It is an easy to use application, which we can link easily with other Google services, also when creating notes, and that continues to introduce new functions that allow good use. The last of them the possibility of undoing the sending of emails, something that users had been asking for a long time and it is very easy to use. Your download is free.

Aqua Mail

The second option in the list is a good alternative to Inbox for those users who want to be able to customize many aspects of the app's interface. Since in this sense, it is a very flexible application. It allows to modify many aspects in its interface. In addition, it provides access to many functions, which allow the most efficient use. All this while maintaining an easy-to-use interface that is not loaded with elements.

It is compatible with the main email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or Apple among others). Simply enter the email account and password to access, as normal. As for functions, it provides us with the same ones that we see in many other mail applications. It stands out for being one of the first in have entered the dark mode, which continues to gain presence in Android apps.

There are several options available when using Aqua Mail on Android. It is possible to make use of a free version of the app. But for those users looking for more advanced options, you can use a paid version With some additional functions. Among these functions is the ability to use several accounts at the same time.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook faces Gmail with a redesign and new features

One of the most used email services worldwide. Its Android application is also a success, with more than 100 million downloads. It is an option that enjoys special popularity in business environments, especially because it supports Exchange and Office 365 accounts. Its interface has been modified several times, in its attempt to fight with Gmail.

One of the advantages it offers is that it has an easy-to-use interface, known to most users. In fact, many see that their Android version is more convenient to use than the desktop version. While there are still aspects to improve, such as the font used or the reading of mail chains with the same subject. But it makes up for it with a friendly, intuitive interface that we can synchronize with the calendar in a simple way.

Possibly, one of the best features in Outlook is the possibility of show only those emails that are important. It allows more efficient work, especially in work environments where mail is used constantly. Downloading this alternative to Inbox for Android is free.

Cloud Magic Newton Mail

This application is little known by a large number of users on Android. Although he has won several awards, in addition to being part of the publisher selection on Google Play. So the criticism or reception towards it is quite positive. Something that in part should not surprise, because it has many functions of interest. All this under a user-friendly interface, as you can see in the video.

Your smart searches are one of the key functions in your operation. They allow to make better use of this mail client. It is also easy when it comes to integrate with other applications, such as notes (OneNote, EverNote …). Allowing us to link the mail to an app where pending tasks are displayed. In this sense it is a good option to use in work environments.

Privacy is an aspect that Newton Mail has wanted to highlight. Users are allowed to use a password to protect your inbox. In this way it is possible to prevent anyone without permission from accessing said inbox. A function similar to that of Evernote to protect your notes, so you can protect both apps even when they are linked. The only downside is that it is a payment app (about 4 dollars a month). The possibility of a free 14-day trial is offered.