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The screen of the Xperia XZ4 be controversial: the 21: 9 ratio arrives

Throughout the brief history of mobile telephony we have seen how the size of the terminals has been growing since its screen was growing. This has been so literally on occasion, but we have also seen how the inches have increased if the overall size of the panel is increased. This has been possible by changing the ratio between height and width, what we call screen ratio.

The normal thing on the screens we used a few decades ago was to use the 4: 3 or 3: 2 ratio, depending on the terminal. We have even seen many 1: 1, square screens, but of few pixels and that were not tactile.

When the smartphones started, the 16: 9 ratio that seems common to us since most TVs use it was standardized. And so he stayed almost 10 years. Little by little we have seen how more elongated proportions have gained prominence, allowing mobiles with greater diagonals but no more uncomfortable to grab.

The 21: 9 ratio of cinema reaches mobile phones

Here would enter the terminals with 18: 9 screens and also those that for one reason or another go somewhat above that ratio, at 18.5: 9 or 19: 9. But Sony is about to leave all that behind.

The Sony Xperia XZ4 will be the first with a 21: 9 ratio

Render of Onleaks

In recent weeks we have seen rumors and recreations of how Sony's next high-end terminal, the Xperia XZ4, will be. Among the design changes there is one that draws attention, and is the screen.

It is not because we are going to have a panel with a hole as we have seen in other models, or to use a curved panel. The reason why it is special is because it will be the first to use a 21: 9 ratio, normally used in film projections.

This makes the mobile extremely elongated and we have confirmed that reality when we see the first piece of this terminal, the front of the screen, with contained edges and really elongated. Along with this image we have also seen numerous recreations of how it would be to see the content on this screen, especially the vertical since the horizontal would be designed for videos with this ratio since 16: 9 would create substantial stripes on the sides or a cut excessive at the top and bottom.

This is exactly what happens with the 18: 9 ratios, but even more pronounced.

What is the advantage?

It is clear that Sony will begin to delve into this path for some reason, but we do not understand which. Beyond being able to use the mobile as a series media player and especially movies in this format, we do not see that extra content is provided when used in most situations and although the games and applications adapt to this interface, it does not seem that The benefit is great.

And that may be just Sony's approach. With the Xperia XZ3 they made one of the best phones to watch movies this year, as we tell you in our analysis. They may seek to specialize in this field, allowing to see the content 21: 9 fin stripes.

Of course, we will have to stop this growth at some point, perhaps at 21: 9 or perhaps in the next phase, but it does not seem logical that we end up with extraordinarily elongated terminals, no matter how much we increase the inches of our smartphones and can be more comfortable in the hand.