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The other big shopping days of the year next to Black Friday


The other shopping appointments of the year that coexist with Black Friday

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November 17, 2017

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Black Friday is approaching and both manufacturers of tablets and smartphones and consumers, are heating engines for one of the most important shopping appointments of the year. In a short time, this event, which originated in the United States, has made the leap to many other regions around the world and has now become the starting gun for the Christmas shopping campaign, which lasts more than one month.

A few days ago the 11.11 was celebrated, however, this event, which takes place mainly in China, is not the only one throughout the year in which it is possible, in theory, to acquire devices with significant discounts. Next we will give you a brief review in which we will see some of the quotes which are also marked in red in the calendar of all the actors present in the sector.

1. Cyber ??Monday

He last monday of november, just after the Black Friday hangover and the weekend that follows, we have this appointment that can be considered as the newest and that has a simple mechanics: Through the Internet we can find in stock the last units of the terminals that They were not able to sell a few hours before and once again, they have significant discounts.

2. Amazon Prime Day, the summer alternative to Black Friday

Secondly, we find the purchasing campaign launched by the popular e-commerce portal. Held between July 10 and 11, this event seems to be in good health throughout the world. However, it has its limitations, since only the VIP users of the platform are the ones who can enjoy the biggest discounts.

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3. January and July sales

In third position we find some periods of purchases that over time have been prolonged and that have not been limited only to the textile sector. In recent years, consumer electronics has also been added to the list of areas in which it is possible to find prolonged discounts in the time. The majority of terminals sold here are those that remain in the windows after the campaigns of the last weeks of the previous year and that have not used up their stock during the first months of the new year.

What do you think about all these quotes? Have you ever turned to them? We leave you with related information such as a list of shopping apps to consider during Black Friday.