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The legendary Streets of Rage comes to Android to unleash your fury

One of the classic Sega games comes to Android renewed, thanks to the Sega Forever release program. This time we talk about Streets of Rage Classic.

Our Android devices have become one more platform to play to all kinds of games. Action, racing, zombies, shooting, battles … and classic games are no exception. In addition to the many emulators that exist, many manufacturers have launched brand new retrofits of their classic games.

Sega Forever, the Sega classics for Android

And Sega is one of the best examples of this trend. A few months ago they released Sega Forever, a collection of classic video games of many ages brought back to Android. Dreamcast, Mega Drive, Master System …

Sega is bringing back all these titles. Of course, adapted to touch screens and ads if we do not make a single payment. A perfect opportunity to play them again, or to know, these classic games.

Streets of Rage comes to Android

And the last game to reach this program of classics is a very classic one. Streets of Rage came out for first time in 1991, in 16-bit version for the Mega Drive. Since then three different versions came out on the same console. And now comes a Classic version adapted to Android devices.

The story is pretty simple. We are police in a "special unit" created to face a secret criminal organization. Up to three former police officers prepared to fight these criminals. The game is divided into rounds, and the controls are buttons present on the screen.

The game is available for free on Android. We can play for free and support the ads, or make a in-app payment of ? 2.29. The choice to pay or not is ours. Although maybe Sega has spent a little, because he asks us to the location to offer personalized ads.