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The best PUBG for Android is top downloads: Rules of Survival

Would you like to play the best version of Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds for Android phones? This game is being played on Google Play: Rules of Survival.

Although the remakes triumph in computer games, which are being renewed cyclically, there is always room for new sap that ends up exploding with resounding success. If we had to choose the most outstanding game of the last months, we would surely have no doubts: Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds; or PUBG. Have you been hooked to their death battles? Don't try Rules of Survival

The Android game that we recommend is modestly inspired by Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds while taking advantage of transfer the whole essence to a much smaller screen. Tencent is adapting the original title, so you can always make time with Rules of Survival. Your games are addictive.

Of 120 players there can only be one left

The best PUBG for Android is top downloads: Rules of Survival

Players will have to jump off a plane and annihilate each other once they land on the island. This is the "argument" of Rules of Survival, they haven't eaten their heads much: is identical to PUBG, the computer game in which developers are inspired. And it's not bad, neither the inspiration nor the game itself: in addition to offering fun in fast enough games, the adrenaline and the emotions it transmits are at the level of Playerunknown?s Battlegrounds itself.

One of the problems of the game that we are analyzing is that the control printed on the screen is not too comfortable once we have to react to the continuous attacks of the rest of the opponents. Developers have not added support for physical controls, something that would alleviate this "nuisance." Beyond here the interface does not involve too much trouble: control to the left along with a punch; actions to the right where we will also see nearby weapons.

The best PUBG for Android is top downloads: Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival It offers a huge variety of weapons, vehicles and places to hide with graphics that remain at an excellent level. In 3D, sufficiently detailed and without disturbing the basics of the game: the pure fun. Being among the survivors is not easy, especially when you land, and never better, for the first time on the island: the level of the rest of the players will influence decisively. Nothing that does not happen in other multiplayer games.

A free game with advantages for those who want to pay

The best PUBG for Android is top downloads: Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival does not cost a cent in the download, but takes advantage of the "freemium" strategy to offer advantages to those who are willing to pay. Nothing new in terms of mobile games, on the other hand. Without losing the essence of it along the way: this PUBG will annihilate your time.