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The best phones for 500 euros or less, special for Christmas

With the arrival of Christmas you may be thinking about renewing mobile. You may be writing the letter to the Magi or Santa Claus for someone who needs a new mobile. If you have any questions with the best mobiles for 500 euros, these are our best recommendations.

This range is probably the best if you want to have a mobile that already competes among the best but that does not trigger the price in excess. All these phones stand out for being very good, and the differences with the most top phones are very scarce. Mobile phones with a very low profit margin, or already have a few months in the market. The second line was never so competitive.

The most complete: Samsung Galaxy S9

It is difficult to determine if the OnePlus 6T was really the best for that price or that honor belonged to Samsung. The Galaxy S9 is a beastly mobile, which sinned to be very expensive, but with the price reduction it has been very good. Your version of Android needs a face lift, but Samsung has already announced One UI.

For the rest, the Galaxy S9 has the best screen and battery on the market at this price, without any doubt. It also has wireless charging, headphone jack, microSD card and water resistance. At the level of performance, the Galaxy S9 is the one that has to give more.

Galaxy S9 + video review

Your best alternative: OnePlus 6 / OnePlus 6T

2018 has been a great year for OnePlus, and its two flagships are proof of that. OnePlus has always stood out for offering the best possible performance, but this year they have made a substantial leap in aspects that the Chinese manufacturer was still resisting, such as the screen and the camera. In addition, it is already updated to Android 9 Pie, with an exclusive OnePlus gesture system and its Oxygen OS customization layer.

Although the OnePlus 6T is already on the market, the 6 is still a recommended purchase for 50 euros less. In this price difference, the OnePlus 6T has a much smaller notch, 128 GB instead of 64 and more battery. We believe that 6T is a better investment, but if you don't want to exceed 500 under any circumstances, 6 is fine.

Well, if you want a headphone jack, 6 does, and 6T doesn't.

OnePlus 6 video review

Absolutely cheap: Xiaomi Mi 8

A mobile that when he arrived in Spain for 500 euros was already great, but that with the months has continued to fall in price. The Pocophone caught your attention but you were looking for a more premium design or a better quality screen? What you were looking for is the Xiaomi Mi 8.

Video analysis of the Xiaomi Mi 8

Huawei P20

Analysis of the Huawei P20: a perfect mobile for ALMOST all

One of the great Huawei phones for this 2018 has been the P20 series. This mobile stands out for complying with all the requirements of a user who wants the best. Good performance, lots of storage, and make good pictures.

Regarding the P20 Pro, this phone has less battery and loses the third camera, the screen is also worse. But of course, for less than 500 euros, little more can we ask this Huawei move.

I can spend a little more: Sony Xperia XZ2

Sony does not usually get attention lately for their phones, but it seems that they have gradually regained ground. The Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact are mobile that stand out for being very complete. One of the best IPS screens on the market, stereo sound, updated to Android 9 Pie, with 4K HDR recording and ultra slow motion at 960 images per second.