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TeeTINY Online is an MMORPG mgico with an open world in beta

TeeTINY Online is perfectly what the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild could be. We say it practically because at the graphic level it is very close to the style of Nintendo and because it shows quickly in the battery consumption that forces our device.

An MMORPG with an open world in which from the first second you will find dozens of players Starting his first missions. Some missions in which you will have to do with others and in which we recommend you assemble a team so you can finish them as quickly as possible.

The open world of TeeTINY Online

TeeTINY Online

TeeTINY Online stands out for having outstanding graphics and that remind us a lot of the Nintendo game. If you missed something similar on your Android mobile you will have a good game for a good time.

TeeTINY Online

Let's say the primary goal of TeeTINY Online is that get hooked with more players to finish missions together. And this is done through a fight that can be both automatic and manual and through a world brilliantly designed to generate more than good moments and visual experiences.

A MMORPG where you will level up quickly in order to add new equipment, unlock new skills, invoke pets or even enchant your team to generate greater power in the fight against all kinds of enemies.

A fantasy world awaits you

TeeTINY Online

The truth that TeeTINY Online gets from the first moment generate that fantasy experience that we look for in many other MMORPG. And we do not know if they are for the desire to have a game similar to that of Nintendo in our hands, or because it has simply hit the right key for us to have a great time in each game.

TeeTINY Online

If we talk about automatic combat, we also do it by going directly to the missions so that we practically decide rather than do. What happens is that as one is absorbed by the graphics and for how well our character is animated main (attentive to the jumps it gives to go to other platforms), let go of the one that we do not want to play manually. Although there will be times when it is better to handle our hero, since he can be found surrounded and with death knocking at his door.

Yes too another of the tips of this game called TeeTINY Online. You can see yourself surrounded by enemies so that you fall before their feet and can even call another player to revive you. It is not the first game that does this, but in an open world like the one we are in, it is a point to consider.

Spells, weapons and much to do even in beta

TeeTINY Online

To say that TeeTINY Online is in beta status and that is already very close to another who has drunk from the source of inspiration that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind has meant. We talked about Dawn of Isles, another MMO where you can enjoy an online community and it was launched not long ago.

TeeTINY Online, even while in beta, is capable to leave us unused while we observe how the day / night cycle is taking place or how can we delight in that fog that is generated in one of the dungeons; By the way, they are not bad at all. Graphically it is full of virtues, but we are left with the animations of the main character. The effects of the skills are not bad either.

TeeTINY Online is a game that in beta state stands out quite a lot and in which we will have much to do while the study in charge of its design is integrating more and more things to the beta. An MMORPG to discover and that for Nintendo fans will be a great welcome. You have it for free, so you are already taking it to install it.

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