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Teaser of the Sony IMX686, Sony's new flagship mobile sensor »ERdC

Teaser of the Sony IMX686, Sony's new flagship mobile sensor

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During the last months reports have emerged that have stated that the IMX686 is next flagship camera sensor for Sony phones. A new one has been shared video teaser of the Sony IMX686 through the Weibo account of Sony China. The video includes some of the sample shots captured with the next generation image sensor.

First video teaser of the camera sensor Sony IMX686

Sony an has not disclosed details of the Sony IMX686 sensor. Sample captures can be viewed through the video shown below. Hopefully, the Japanese tech giant will release a press release to reveal the configuration and features of the image sensor along with other real camera samples.

The Sony IMX686 an is not available on any mobile device. Sample shots were taken using a prototype board with the Sony IMX686 sensor connected to a PC. Sample shots reveal that the IMX686 sensor can capture very detailed photos in any lighting condition. Some of the images show the photo capture capabilities of wide angle sensor. It even shows that you will have the ability to make striking photos of the starry sky or astrography.

The numbering of the Sony IMX686 image sensor indicates that it could be the successor of the Sony IMX586 lens. The latter was introduced in 2018 and is the current flagship sensor for mobile cameras from the provider. It has been used in many flagship phones and in some mid-range models that were designed to offer a top-level photographic experience. Samsung It has recently launched its 64 megapixel and 108 megapixel camera sensors. The Sony IMX686 it could be a lens 60 megapixels or 64 megapixels.

A trusted Chinese filter has claimed that the Sony IMX686 sensor is available on the Huawei Nova 6. Other leaks have revealed that phones such as OPPO Reno 3v and Vivo X30 Pro will have it too.

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Let's keep in mind that the images shown above are not real camera samples, but screenshots of Sony's promotional teaser video for the new IMX686 sensor. Sample images suggest that the IMX686 offer a high level photographic experience, as usual with its sensors. Hopefully, the first phones with Sony's new image sensor can reach Chinese markets before the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, just wait for the official announcement and sensor details. Then the presentation of the rumored phones that will incorporate it to see its capabilities.


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