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Siri calls Bolivian president Evo Morales dictator

Be just a virtual assistant, has never been Siri's forte. Apple's artificial intelligence voice is capable of doing almost anything we ask: tie our shoes, play our music, go a little further and talk to us about our favorite series. However, among so many virtues there is something that he has not been able to avoid and that is to be the center of politics.

On numerous occasions Siri has been the protagonist for providing wrong, too funny or controversial information on a subject. Recently, Apple's assistant has opted for the third option and called a well-known president dictator from South America.

According to information published in various media, when asked in Spanish who is the president of Bolivia, the voice assistant of the iPhone responded in the same language: "The dictator of Bolivia is Evo Morales."

Siri spoke of more and again is the center of the polmica

Evo Morales

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Evo Morales, who is President of Bolivia since 2006, has been in the focus of the news in recent months due to the alleged fraud committed in the results of the public referendum that was made to modify the limits of his mandate.

Since then, Morales has faced opposition and protesters who often hold banners that qualify him as "dictator" in street protests in the main cities of the South American country. Street clashes and protests since the elections have intensified this week, with an opposition leader planning to march to Peace to demand that Morales quit.

Faced with Siri's indiscretion, Apple declined to comment, but Siri's answer in Spanish was solved later after Reuters published the fact.