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Scan and Organize your Documents with OfficeDrop for iPad

Now available on the App Store OfficeDrop, an application for iPad and iPad 2 that allow us manage, organize and scan our documents.

The applicationOfficeDropkeep our documents organized and, thanks to a powerful search engine, allow us to find any type of document at the moment. Also, all documents can be shared with other iOS devices.

Characteristics of the application:

  • Use the iPad camera to scan the document.
  • Search within the PDF.
  • Integrated search engine to facilitate the organization of documents.
  • Share the documents.
  • Envopor by email.
  • Compatible with Evernote, Google Docs and others.

More catches of OfficeDrop for iPad and iPad 2:

OfficeDrop is universal, so you can use it on both the iPad and the iPhone, either to pass documents or to scan.

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