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Samsung expands its range of monitors and displays

The international fair of consumer electronics CES 2015, has served as a stage for the people of Samsung for the presentation of its new range of products in the area of ??Visual Display for this year, among which are mentioned, curved monitors and optimized displays .

About the former, Samsung sources have highlighted that the new range includes the SE790C monitor with an ultra-panoramic ratio of 21: 9, available in 29 and 34; and the SE590C model in 32. All, developed to offer a comfortable viewing experience to the user, with screens that adapt to the natural curvature of their eyes.

The objective is that these monitors, together with the SE510C, available in 24 and 27 and the TD590C television monitor, place the curved monitors at the head of the industry, thanks to their ability to offer a completely captivating viewing experience, the informants said. .

With regard to optimized displays, the South Korean leader has shown and tested their new copies in the SMART Office, SMART Hotel, SMART Restaurant and SMART LED Signage areas.

The first, equipped with UHD and curved monitors; the second, with improved attributes in connectivity and functionalities, such as, control from the room that wirelessly connects the hotel television with numerous IT products; the third, complemented by the second generation of SMART Signage TV designed for small and medium-sized business owners to promote the company's offers.

And finally, SMART LED Signage, an area in which frameless displays with improved screen quality have been exhibited, capable of adapting to user preferences through customization.

It should be noted that in this area Samsung has also presented a display measuring 2.7 meters long and 1 meter wide, consisting of 12 modules (6 × 2 displays) and 1.4mm pixel size.

On the other hand, a researcher deserves that South Korea has also shown in Las Vegas an updated software that can be used in conjunction with existing digital signage to enhance the experience.

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