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Pokmon reaches 3,000 million revenue since its launch in 2016

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO arrived on the market in summer 2016 and has quickly become the fastest growing game to date. But also quickly became a money maker. According to the Sensor Tower boys, Pokémon GO has managed to raise more than 3 billion dollars since its launch.

Today, Pokémon GO has been downloaded on 541 million devices worldwide and if we get the average cost per user, it reaches $ 5.60. Obviously there are users who have invested a lot of money, some very little and many others absolutely nothing. The $ 5.60 per user is much more than Mario KartTour has achieved with 123 million downloads in just one month.

Pokémon GO

2016, the year of the launch of Pokémon GO worldwide and on the two mobile platforms currently available on the market, it is still the year that has generated the most money for Niantic, specifically 832 million dollars. In 2017, the figure fell to 589 million dollars.

Fortunately, in Niantic they did not fall asleep and in 2018 they reached an income of 816 million. So far in 2019, the revenue generated by Pokémon GO has reached 774 million dollars and everything indicates that the first year's revenue record will probably be broken.

The country that has spent more money on this game is the United States with 1,100 million dollars (36.2% of the total), followed by Japan with 884.5 million (29.4%) · and closes the top 3 with Germany, whose users have spent on Pokémon GO 181.6 million dollars (6% ).

As for mobile platforms, the Play Store has generated 1.6 million dollars, 54.4% of the total Of the 3,011 million that this game has generated, while Apple's platform has generated the rest, 1,400 million dollars (45.6%).

As for the number of downloads, again lAndroid devices also top this ranking with 78.5% of downloads, the remaining 21.5% being for devices managed by iOS.

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