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Pokemon GO will have multiplayer features with augmented reality

Pokmon GO multiplayer augmented reality

After three years, and having mobilized millions of players in the world to leave home, Pokmon GO is still a topic of conversation. And although it has suffered great ups and downs, the game continues to be present in any list of best augmented reality games for mobiles.

Niantic knows that, and therefore continues to give Pokmon GO love, announcing and introducing new features from time to time, such as the recent inclusion of Team Rocket, the announcement of the GO Fighting League for 2020, or the changes in fighting between coaches.

Buddy Adventure, a new level of interaction

pokmon GO Buddy AR cross platform "width =" 700 "height =" 350

The next news announced by Niantic hopes to surprise players, because it goes hand in hand with augmented reality (RA). Is about Buddy adventure, a feature multiplayer We allow you to see the interaction of our friends with your Pokmon.

Until now, Pokmon GO just let us see our own partner Pokmon. Meanwhile, the companion of other players only looks like a small cone that accompanied his avatar in the game.

When Buddy Adventure is launched, our friends can invite us to their session so that let's see the Pokmon that accompanies them, as well as his interaction with him and the objects around him. An idea very much like the spectator mode of many games, in one case.

Why do we say this? Because it is only not through an invitation that we can live with the creatures of other players. If we are close to some friend, and we direct the camera towards your address, we can see in our mobile to his partner Pokmon, from our visual perspective.

Buddy Adventure next to arrive, and multiplatform

pokmon GO Buddy Adventure "width =" 700 "height =" 350

Little is known about the exact release date of this feature, however, we know that Niantic is working hard on it, and expected for the next months. The best? Be multi platform, so we can use it between Android and iOS phones without any problem.

This idea stems from two company technologies, the Neon and Tonehenge projects. Both are augmented reality tools that allow several users to interact with digital objects at the same time, and in the same space.

As good players, hopefully this news comes in a short time through an update. But the important thing about this is that you arrive, and that Niantic continues to devote R&D resources to keep improving Pokmon GO every day.

Source | PhoneArena

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