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OnePlus reacts to the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi4 giving 5000 invitations to buy the OnePlus One


OnePlus reacts to the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi4 giving 5000 invitations to buy the OnePlus One

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July 22, 2014

When a company launches a new terminal to the market, it sets goals. Although they are not usually made public, it is normal for these companies to indicate the levels they want to reach, either in number of units sold or rivals to beat. OnePlus launched its first smartphone with the idea of ??making it the benchmark of devices made in China, and for this we had to beat Xiaomi, which today has presented its new flagship, the Mi4. To subtract a little prominence, they have decided that it was the perfect day to give 5000 invitations to buy the OnePlus One.

Xiaomi and OnePlus, two companies that have been born with the same objective, to end the ?tyranny? of the big ones like Samsung or Apple in the high range, show that terminals with great features do not necessarily have to be worth more than 600 euros. But on their way to success, they have to face irremediably. Xiaomi has officially announced this morning the launch of the Mi4. After the success achieved by its predecessor, all eyes were on the new terminal, which will finally arrive with characteristics very similar to those that have prevailed in the first half of the year: screen 5 inches Full HD, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3 gigabytes of RAM or 13 megapixel camera.

Many of these specifications are shared with the OnePlus One and therefore, it will be the facility to access one of the two and logically its price which could decant the balance. OnePlus has had stock problems from the beginning, they knew they would be unable to supply the initial demand and for this they invented their invitations system which limited the options of being able to buy the terminal. There are many users who have been unable to get one of these invitations, but interestingly today, They have decided to make it a little easier.

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<h2>Participate in forums or follow up on your social networks</h2>
<p>It did not seem right that Xiaomi monopolized all the prominence, for that reason, they have announced the launch of a <strong>new bamboo shell</strong>, which for 39 euros will give the terminal a totally different look. To celebrate the arrival of this housing, they have organized a contest with which they will distribute<strong> 5,000 invitations</strong> to share the OnePlus One. To participate, just write a message on the official forums of the company, like it on the Facebook page, follow @oneplus on Twitter or become a follower on Instagram. Of course, you have to hurry as it only lasts until tomorrow July 23.</p>
<p>Via: MovilZona</p>