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OnePlus phones go up in price year after year


We review the trajectory of OnePlus through the price of their phones

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November 10, 2017

oneplus big phones

The OnePlus situation is quite striking. This technology, which originally only allowed to acquire their models through invitations, did not have a significant reception due to this procurement policy. However, since its inception, it has tried to move towards the top mobile segments with supports such as 3Q, which earlier this year sought to compete against more established ones.

But, in addition to the characteristics of each of the different terminals, how has the company adapted to the most followed trends? Next we will make a brief analysis of its trajectory having as its central axis the starting price of the supports that have had a greater impact both inside and outside their place of origin. Will the road paved for the next 5T?

oneplus 5 rear

1. 2014, the year of OnePlus One

The first flagship of the firm could now be considered as a medium or low range. However, in its origins it was one of the most leading supports. Although advances such as the fingerprint reader were still far away, this device, whose starting price was close to 300 euros, boasted features such as a processor that exceeded 2 Ghz or a RAM of 3 GB.

2. 2016, the jump to the upper segments

Two years later, another of the jewels of the company's crown, 3T, appears, which increased its price by almost 200 euros compared to the first one launched by the firm. Available from 440 euros approximately, it also took a leap in terms of performance thanks to the fast charging technology Dash Charge, its 6 GB RAM, or its initial storage of 128. Speed, thanks to its Snapdragon 820 capable of reaching 2.3 Ghz peaks, was another of its strengths.

oneplus 3t black

3. 2017, can 5T reach the top?

We advance to the present and we find two new devices: The 5, and the 5T. Both models aim at the high end in a strict sense not only for their performance, but also for their possible cost, which depending on the version of both terminals, would vary between 519 and the 579 dollars. Its managers say that at no time the different models will exceed 600. Do you think that this Chinese technology is in a position to compete against the leaders of the sector? We leave you available related information such as comparisons in which we will see the OnePlus 5 against the Galaxy s8 + so you can give your opinion.