We will hunt our monsters in turns in this title

Monster Hunter Stories is coming to Android, so far in Japan

Capcom continues its foray into the world of mobile devices. This time it brings us, to the surprise of many, one of his sagas with more followers: Monster Hunter.

Away from media outlets such as Mario, Pokémon or Animal Crossing, There are other console sagas that have a great legion of users behind. One of them is the saga Monster hunter, with nothing less than 13 years and a long list of titles behind their backs.

Monster Hunter Stories

The game at hand is the mobile version of the one that was released for the 3DS console Only a few months ago. It could be called a spin-off of the main games of the saga. You do not know her? We update you right away.

Monster Hunter, that stranger. Or maybe not so much

We put you a little in situation. They are action games with adventure dyes where Our role is to hunt giant monsters. With real-time struggles and wide stages.

The appeal of this game lies in its level of difficulty since, for many improvements and weapons we use, if our game technique is not up to par, we do not have much to do. This generates a desire for improvement in the player, also frustration.

Not everything is what it seems

This Monster Hunter Stories changes the game mechanics a bit compared to the original titles. The way to fight and hunt the monsters will not be in real time, but it is by turns.

We will hunt our monsters in turns in this title

In this Stories they have mixed the essence of Monster Hunter with a Pokémon-style mechanic. Advancing on the back of a monster, our adventure is wrapped in a much more colorful style than the original saga.

Something traumatic for the user is the price. You read that right, the game has a cost at the moment the 13.17 euros; that if we compare it with its version of Nintendo 3DS, which is worth almost 40 euros, does not go so badly.

For now in Japan, maybe in the rest soon

The game is currently available only in Japan, without announcing an arrival date for other markets such as American or European. Although, seeing the trend of Nintendo, it sure does not take long to reach our devices.