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Minimum and maximum prices of apps on Google Play

Google Apps Store

In Google Play we find mainly two types of applications. On the one hand those whose download is free, while we also have applications for which we have to pay. While the former are the vast majority, as we learned recently. Despite this, we find many paid applications in the application store. The prices of them are variable, as you may have noticed.

It is normal for it to be the own application developer who decides the price that you will have on Google Play. You have to keep in mind that Google takes a percentage. So prices are always so variable. Although there are a number of established limits.

So a developer You cannot set the price you want for your application. In this sense, Google itself usually helps developers, in the same way they help upload apps in the store. Therefore, the price ranges that can be used when setting a price in the app are shown by country.

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Since depending on the country, there are limits on the price, which developers should always keep in mind. There is both a minimum and a maximum price that can be charged for an application on Google Play. These are details that are good to know, especially for those who are thinking of publishing an Android app. What prices are the minimum and maximum?

Prices on Google Play

Depending on the country, the prices that a developer can request for an application vary. Although it is normal that they remain at all times within quite similar ranges. Therefore, a price you use in Spain will also be valid in other markets around the world with almost total probability. So it is a good orientation for those developers who are going to launch a paid app.

For example, in the specific case of Spain, The minimum price that an app can have on Google Play is 0.5 euros, while the maximum price is 350 euros. It is therefore a wide range of prices, in which developers can move when having to set prices. Although, normally, at a higher price, the downloads are likely to be smaller. Android users do not tend to pay as much for their apps. In countries like Mexico, the minimum and maximum price is 5 – 7,000 Mexican pesos, which in turn are about 0.22 – 314.99 euros.

Play Store apps

All euro zone countries have the same price limits as Spain. So for developers who are going to launch an app on Google Play with the European market in mind, it will be very easy to determine this. In most markets, if we change some currencies, the maximum prices remain around 350 euros. There are some countries where the maximum price is closer to 400 euros, such as Costa Rica. But these are the approximate prices.

Although there is an aspect that developers should always keep in mind if they are going to bet on a paid app or an app with purchases inside. Since Google demands 30% of your income. This is a fairly high percentage, which caused Epic Games not to launch Fortnite on Google Play. In addition, they now launch their own game store, where the percentage they ask developers is 15%, thus competing with the Android store.

Therefore, if you are a developer or work in a company that will launch an app on Google Play, It is good to know these prices. On the Google support page itself, which you can visit here, the maximum prices are shown, in addition to some observations to take into account in this regard. So they can be of great help in this process.

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