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Minecraft Earth is now officially available in Mexico

Minecraft Earth video

We have been talking about the next version of the popular game Minecraft: Minecraft Earth, a game that follow a path similar to Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. A few weeks ago, the game began to be available in some cities in the United States in the trial phase, which some users took advantage of to get the APK and distribute it unofficially.

From Microsoft, they were aware of this problem and began to block all those user accounts that were not previously approved for use in order to continue limiting the latest tests before its worldwide launch, a launch that is currently being staggered. Mexico, Australia and Sweden the new countries where it is already officially available.

With these three new countries, Minecraft Earth is officially available on New Zealand, Iceland, Sweden Mexico and Australia. If you access the Play Store from any other country that is one of the 5 mentioned above, you can only access the previous registration of the game so that when it is available you will receive the corresponding update. So if you reside both in Spain and in any other country in Latin America, you will have to wait for new news.

Minecraft Earth allows us to discover a new dimension Minecraft as we create, explore and survive in the real world. It allows us to join the community of builders and explorers from all over the planet, get resources for our constructions, create in augmented reality anything that comes to mind in real size even working as a team.

In order to use Minecraft Earth on our Android device, it must be managed by Android 8 or higher, a requirement that can limit the rapid adoption of this new version of Minecraft for mobile devices based on the increasingly common, augmented reality.

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