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Microsoft finally supports POP3 in Outlook Mobile

Outlook Mobile

Today we have many facilities when it comes to logging in with our email account, but not long ago, and as with professional email accounts, you have to choose between POP3 and IMAP. Now it's in Outlook Mobile when Microsoft has supported POP3.

So we had to enter the manual data, although today in the accounts of the companies we have to do the same, so that in POP3 the data remains hosted locally, while in IMAP they are kept on the server.

The funny thing about this case is that, when everything lies on servers, Microsoft is on the other hand and has supported POP3 in Outlook Mobile. And today, most email services relegate in Exchange or IMAP for message synchronization.

Outlook Mobile

The reason is because we have several devices from which we go to read our email tray, so those emails have to be kept on the server in order to access them immediately.

And unlike IMPA, POP3 works in such a way that the messages you read are downloaded to the device and removed from the server. A way of working that is the opposite of what is expected today when we enter our mail client from several sites.

That POP3 eis already in Outlook Mobile serves for those services Where IMAP does not work, you can access that protocol that is placed as one of the latest additions to this email client rather than used by millions.

So, apart from knowing the differences between IMPA and POP3, you can already try the second protocol in an app for our mobiles that works perfectly and that recently brought the dark mode.

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