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Microsoft changes the direction of Cortana, no longer be a rival of Alexa and Google assistant

Voice assistants have become one of the fashions of recent years and in countries such as Spain have been a certain turning point in 2018 with the arrival of Google's assistant on the company's smart speakers and with Alexa.

Amazon recently confirmed that there were more than 100 million devices using Alexa and Google reported that its smart assistant was used on more than 900 million devices.

It is clear that both companies are fighting to be the reference in this market and Microsoft seems to not want to continue competing, at least directly, with Cortana, the assistant he uses in many of his programs.

Satya Nadella changes the future of Cortana

Against this background, the CEO of Microsoft has stated that «Cortana needs to be that useful feature for any Microsoft 365 user».

The intention of Nadella is that we can use Cortana on any device through even Alexa and the Google assistant in the same way that we use applications on different operating systems, such as Windows, iOS or Android.

Microsoft is currently collaborating to bring Alexa to some of its hardware products, such as the XBOX. Through Alexa we can invoke Cortana, something that can also be done on Windows, although in a limited way for now.

A risky but logical move

Satya Nadella has not been characterized by defending lost causes. The manager knows that they have no capacity to face Amazon and Google and in the same way that they surrendered on the smartphone it seems that the war for the attendees will go the same way.

This does not mean that Cortana will disappear but that it will become more in its service capable of running over its products and that it integrates with several assistants.

Nevertheless, it is a risky move because users will rarely invoke an assistant within an assistant, unless a marked improvement is offered with respect to using only one.