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Manage your cycling team on Android

Live Cycling Manager 2

Sport simulation games have been with us for years. Thanks to them we can feel as if we were in that sport, such as football or tennis, something that also comes to cycling now thanks to Live Cycling Manager 2, which we can see as the best cycling manager that we can download now on Android.

In Live Cycling Manager 2 we will have to manage a cycling team. Of course, we will have to manage it in a way that we will be able to win great competitions and get the best results. A game that clearly fits what we can expect if we were really leading a cycling team.

Thanks to the game we can see all the work behind the cyclists that we see competing in events such as the Tour of Spain, the Tour or the Tour de France. Here we are going to manage this team in the best way, so that we can rise as the winners of such tests at all times.

Create a team in Live Cycling Manager 2

The first step we have to take when we start playing Live Cycling Manager 2 is to create our own team, which we will then have to manage completely. We can also choose an existing equipment, which in some cases can facilitate the process. But what we have to do in this case is clear. Since we will have to hire staff, in addition to cyclists, such as doctors, mechanics or psychologists.

When we have created the team, then the main aspect of the game begins. Since we get fully in control of it, which it is possible in a general panel. In this panel we can see the situation of the cyclists, the material that we have, the agreements that we have closed, the finances of the equipment, merchandising or the means of transport that we have. In addition to being able to see the calendar with the competitions there are and the classification. In this panel it will be easy to control and manage everything that refers to our team.

Live Cycling Manager 2 manage team

When creating a team in Live Cycling Manager 2 we have to hire all types of staff. In the beginning, as our budget is limited, we have to hire a staff with more limited skills, in addition to finding someone who is responsible for transport, material or merchandising. Of course, as we go forward and win, we can hire a better staff to help us move forward.

The resources we have we have to manage. Therefore, it is important that we develop our equipment, deciding the transport according to the expense, or which one to use in each test. Also have scouts looking for talented cyclists, which we can sign for our team. In addition to deciding the price at which the merchandising of our team will be sold, we believe in Live Cycling Manager 2.

Competitions and races

Live Cycling Manager 2 races

Once we have established the equipment, it is time to face competitions and races. When we have these types of events, we have to choose how many and which cyclists we are going to present to them. You also have to choose the strategy to follow with each, depending on the skills they have. This is something that will help us to win these races and thus advance in Live Cycling Manager 2.

In the game we also find some bonus, which can help us have some advantage over rivals. Once the way we present the team is decided, we can choose between two options. We can see the race in 3D, seeing the way in which each cyclist runs or we can move quickly, simulating the results. In the end we will see the result and classification of our cyclists in the game.

Of course, as we participate in more competitions in Live Cycling Manager 2, we will get more experience, which will help us to move forward in a better way and thus move forward in positions. It will also allow us to earn more money, with which to sign new cyclists or staff, which will help make the team more professional and competitive at all times. Team management is essential in this regard.

How to download Live Cycling Manager 2

Live Cycling Manager 2

Live Cycling Manager 2 is a most complete simulator, which perfectly meets what we can expect from such a game. Therefore, if you like management and simulation games of this type, in addition to being a follower of cycling, it is presented as a perfect game in this field. We can download it on Android officially. In addition to having more information on its official website.

Live Cycling Manager 2 has a cost of 4.79 euros. This is something that certain users don't like, since there are also purchases and ads inside. So it seems excessive for many users. If you want to have this game on Android, you can download this link:

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