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Loewe joins new 4K TVs very well equipped

Loewe continues to nurture its stock with interesting proposals. This time, with new 4K TVs of the CONNECT UHD and ART UHD ranges, which have been endowed with various extras, including more advanced multimedia tools and features, Ultra HD image quality, image scaling technology, handling Intuitive and 3D compatibility, among others.

The data has been provided by company sources, also highlighting that many of these screens have an internal hard disk of 1 TB that allows the user to record programs, movies or sports meetings, among other content of interest.

In this sense, the informants have emphasized the multiple recording functionality, with which it is possible to store different contents at the same time or to watch a channel while enjoying another one with the picture in picture mode and, simultaneously, it Store a third party on the hard drive.

In addition, other tools that characterize these screens are the Loewe Mobile Recording function or, what is the same, the ability to schedule and start a recording on the hard drive from anywhere, even if the user is on the street or Having dinner outside the home, those of Loewe have illustrated, pointing out that to launch this function, you only need a smartphone, Internet connection and the Loewe Smart Assist application, available for iOS and Android.

On the other hand, the new 4K TVs from Loewe, offer the possibility for the user to remotely view the content stored on another television of the firm, on a tablet or smartphone.

And among other features, it is worth mentioning MyTV2Move and Loewe Instant Channel Zapping; the first, to send the TV signal directly to the linked device or vice versa; and the second, for a change of channels with great speed and without delay.

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