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How to view the logins of your Facebook account


It is possible that many people have doubts about the security of their accounts in social networks. Or have suspicions that someone has entered your account. Therefore, in social networks we can see the logins of the accounts, to see if anyone has entered. We already show you the way this was possible on Instagram. We can also do it on Facebook.

This way, on Facebook we can see in our account the logins That has been in it. Therefore, data such as the place, the device used and the date are displayed. Thus, in a simple way it is possible to detect if someone has entered our account without permission.

This is something we can do so much in the desktop version as in the application for social network phones. We show you the steps to follow in the application on Android. You can see that it is very easy to access the data of the logins, and see this history that is saved in the application of the social network.

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View logon history on Facebook

Facebook logins

First we will have to Open the Facebook application on our Android phone and log in to the account. When we are already in the initial menu, in the feed, of the social network, we can start the process. We will have to click on the three horizontal stripes located in the upper right, to open the side menu. In it we open the configuration option.

When we are inside the configuration, we look at the security section, which is the second one that appears on the screen. Within it there are several options, one of which is Security and Login. This is the section that interests us in this case, so we press to enter it directly.

Then click on the option called "Where have you logged in", which has a text that says you see all in blue letters. By entering this section we can view all logins that have been made in the Facebook account. They are shown from the most recent to the oldest, showing the device that has been used, the site where you are logged in and the date, in addition to whether the app has been used or from the browser.

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Therefore, it can be seen immediately if someone has entered our Facebook account. Since we can see these logins in a detailed way at all times. We can click on each start to have more data. Something that is very helpful to be able to take security measures in case there is someone who has entered the account.

What to do in this case?

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<p>It may be the case that we have seen that <strong>someone who is not us has entered the account</strong>. If we click on one of these logins that are shown on Facebook, one that is suspicious, we can see that the social network gives us an option called Protect your account. It is a measure that seeks to improve its safety.</p>
<p>In these types of cases, there are a couple of things we can do to improve the security of the account. The first can be<strong> change Password</strong> We have on Facebook. It is likely that there is someone who has guessed that password, which puts the account in a vulnerable position. A new password is a good way to protect the account.</p>
<p><strong>On the other hand we can activate the verification in two steps</strong>, something we have already shown you. This prevents someone from entering the account without our knowledge, by adding an additional step in the way we have to log in to the account. It is a reliable, safe method that will avoid many problems.</p>
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