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how to follow live results and scrutiny

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Just six months after being called to the polls to elect government, today November 10, the Spaniards again vote for the third time in a year in which We have had general, regional, municipal and European elections. As we know, this time, there are general elections of 10N after not having reached an investiture agreement the main parties from April to September.

On this occasion the electorate is somewhat larger than in the previous general elections, since there are 37,000,608 people in total who can insert their ballot in an urn in today's elections, 106,000 more than in April. The figure of 37 million is exceeded for the first time.

But how to follow the results obtained at national and local level in the general elections? We recommend, as always, the main means of communication with the web will offer a wide coverage of the results by the different constituencies. Some examples of them are El Pas, El Mundo, La Vanguardia, ABC,, El Espaol or El Confidencial.

On television, All the main generalist chains will cover the electoral colleges, the headquarters of the parties and the scrutiny directly. If you want to follow the results of the 10N general elections autonomously, we leave you with other alternative (and even more direct, ways to come from official sources).

Through the official website of the Ministry of Interior

General Elections Congress

For see in detail the electoral results for each municipality, the most complete is always the dedicated website of the Ministry of Interior. It is not the one that presents a friendlier interface, but it is the one that usually presents the best data according to constituencies and even districts.

Once the scrutiny is finished, It offers the possibility to download all the data in order to generate maps and graphics with great depth, which can be used by students and workers in the field of Social Sciences to, for example, know visually how they have even voted to a district. For those who have an interest, it also allows downloading and consulting data from all previous elections of the democratic stage.


However, in a more modern way, the Ministry of Interior now offers a more colorful website to follow the results live for the Congress of Deputies and for the Senate, comparing at all times with the last general elections held, the elections of the April 28, 2019.

In this website you can search by autonomous communities, districts (provinces) and municipalities.

Through the official application of the Ministry of Interior for iOS and Android

General Elections 10n

As on other occasions, the Ministry of Interior, in addition to the official website that we mentioned, also offers a mobile application, General Elections 10N 2019 from which you can track completely through smartphones that have the most extended operating systems, iOS and Android.

It has the possibility of switch between Castellano, Cataln, Basque, Galician and Valencian, and offers opening and participation data and results. If it behaves as in the other elections held, it also offers data as relevant as the number of votes that a party has to reap to wrest the last shortage of the province from another.

General Elections 10n Senate

You can download the iOS application for free in the App Store and for Android in the Play Store.

Via Twitter

Twitter It is usually the best social network to follow any event in real time, but if this is political, the power of the social network is even greater, because although it has many less active users than Facebook, it brings together almost all journalists and political scientists who offer information as or more valuable than what can be Read in the media themselves.

Also it is true that the noise is very large, and that the general opinion may offer biases, but the moment that Twitter has enabled promises to offer a broad view of everything that is going on regarding parties, candidates, reactions, etc. In the hashtags # 10N, Elecciones10N and # EleccionesGenerales10N, Twitter has added an icon that gives it some official status, although there is also a lot of activity in General Elections.