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Google's parent company, Alphabet, investigates reports of inappropriate sexual behavior

In response to shareholder demands, the Alphabet board, Google?s parent, is investigating allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior against executives and how the company handled them.

Google's parent company, Alphabet, investigates reports of inappropriate sexual behavior

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CNBC First He informed Wednesday that the company hired an outside firm to examine how its executives handled allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

The investigation follows the lawsuits filed by shareholders after reports of sexual harassment on Google received national attention last year. One lawsuit alleges that the board played an active role in approving a billionaire compensation package to a former executive, even after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and the claims were considered credible.

Thousands of Google employees left work last fall to protest the handling of the claims and payments company for inappropriate sexual behavior. The New York Times Last year it revealed that Android creator Andy Rubin received compensation of $ 90 million after several employees filed allegations of misconduct against him.

Another shareholder lawsuit filed earlier this year revealed that the board had approved a $ 35 million exit package to another former executive.

Recently, another executive, Alphabet's legal director, David Drummond, faced accusations of inappropriate relationships with employees that came to light when former Google employee Jennifer Blakely published a report of his relationship with Drummond in August.

Drummond has acknowledged a relationship with Blakely, but in a carefully worded statement it seems to deny participation with other Google employees.

According to the reports, claims against Drummond are part of the board's investigation.

Alphabet confirmed in a statement that the board has formed a committee to investigate lawsuits.

"As already confirmed in public court submissions, at the beginning of 2019, the Alphabet Board of Directors formed a special litigation committee to consider claims made by shareholders in various lawsuits related to past conduct in the workplace "an Alphabet spokesman said in a statement.

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