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Google Play lets you rate apps without leaving the app

Google Play Store

Google Play has left us with many changes these months, the most recent is the dark mode that arrived this week. Although soon we can expect a major change on your part, since they will leave us with an interesting change in the way applications are valued. A revolution in this regard.

So far, when we want to rate an application on Google Play, we do it in the store itself, in the profile of this application. The change you are working on will put an end to this. Since it will be possible to evaluate the application from the application itself.

In this way, in the applications or games that we download on Android from Google Play, a kind of pop-up will come out. In it we will be given the possibility of valuing said application, in the same way that we do in the store normally, only without leaving the application in question. In the photos you can see:

Google Play ratings

This rating would only be that of the stars. If we want to publish a more extensive evaluation of the application or game, we will have to go to the store as usual. This is a method that so far has not changed anything, we do not know if there are changes planned in the store in this case.

At the moment this rating system has not yet been officially launched. Google Play is testing, although it seems that everything is already very advanced in that regard. So it may not take long to officially launch it in applications.

What we don't know is if this rating system will be for all applications that we download from Google Play, or if it will be something that developers will be able to choose. So some might use it, because they see it as something interesting. But we will see how it is used, because it could also be annoying, with this pop-up.

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