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Google Play gives two hours to try an app and return it if you don't want it


Google Play gives two hours to try an app and return it if you don't want it

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August 5, 2014

Google Play policy

This is not yet official: if we enter the terms of Google Play, we find that the time we have to reflect on whether we want to keep an application is still 15 minutes. However, after several tests, the boys from Android Police They have realized that lately the option to reimburse remains active until two hours after a purchase.

Many of the Android users, especially the most intensive, have ever experienced the circumstance of acquiring an application that, in some way, did not answer to your expectations Although not an option known to everyone, any app can be returned during the 15 minutes after the purchase in case of regret. Our Android Help colleagues, by the way, explained to us how to carry out such a return process.

Extended return time to two hours

In Android Police they have casually realized that applications could now be returned until past 120 minutes instead of the usual 15 (some more in the case of games with extraordinary content) when making any purchase. To confirm the finding, they made a series of purchases of games and applications With the same result.

Google Play policy

However, Google only ensures 15 minutes and has not made official no modification in this rule what is certainly strange.

Doubts regarding its continuity

Since it is a change that Android users will like (and much), we understand that the ad This prolongation in the test time should be announced by hype and saucer. So, we don't know if it's simply some kind of temporary test that Google is doing and that will end in a few days or a new one advantage that have not yet decided to publish.

Be that as it may, it is great news that will allow us to play an important asset as a user, after all, trying an app will be less risky, and if the developers have something interesting to offer, it will also end up being good for them.

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