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Google help you recognize phishing emails with this game

Phising game Google

Phishing emails are something that continues to generate many problems Worldwide. Millions of users fall into this type of email, which can pose all kinds of problems, from the entry of malware into the device, which can be recognized, to scams that can cost users money. In many cases users do not know how to differentiate whether it is a fake or a real email. Therefore, Google seeks to be a help.

Since Google has devised a new game, called Phising Quiz. Thanks to it, which has been developed with the help of 10,000 activists, journalists or politicians, it seeks to help users to differentiate between a phishing and a real mail.

In this game, which you can access in this link, various situations arise in which you receive an email in your email account, regardless of the platform where you have your account. So that users will be able to know how to differentiate between an email that is real and another that is a potential scam or malware.

Google Phising Game

It’s a very interesting test, because you have to keep in mind that Phising is a current problem, which remains the main source of attacks on the network. Android devices are also affected by such attacks. Passwords can be stolen, or access your financial data, among other problems.

For the creation of the game, Google has taken into account some of the most recent attacks. So there may be users who recognize these types of messages. It will help to prevent possible future attacks or for users to be more careful when opening any email they receive thanks to the Google game.

Without a doubt, something of enormous utility. So if you are looking for some way to stay up to date with phishing emails and know how to identify them in the best possible way, taking into account the main aspects with which users are deceived, do not miss this Google game. You can access it in this link.

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Google help you recognize phishing emails with this game
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