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Google has not yet abandoned the 1 generation Pixel range

Google Pixel 2016

Last Monday, the Google guys released the update corresponding to the month of November for the entire Pixel range, except for the first generation, being the end point for software updates by the search giant, At least it is what everything seemed to indicate.

As we can read in The Verge, the first generation Pixel range, has not yet been abandoned to its fate, since next December you will receive a new update, an update that will include the novelties that have arrived in November and the ones that the Pixel range will receive in December in terms of security.

The Pixel range reached the market in October 2016, thus becoming the first terminal under the motto ?made by Google? although it was manufactured entirely by HTC. Initially Google stated that would have two years of updates, however, this period was extended to three and currently already enjoys Android 10, something that we certainly appreciate the users of this model among whom I am.

The next update you receive, and is scheduled for December, it is probably the last one you receive in a few monthsAt least until a major security flaw is found, something that unfortunately happens more than usual in the Android ecosystem.

Is it time to renew the Pixel?

Android Debug Bridge

The particular use I make of my Google Pixel is secondary, so I honestly have no need to renew my veteran Google Pixel. Despite not being my main mobile, I do use it to make captures that My main phone is not able to do, especially when the ambient brightness is poor.

The first generation Google Pixel is managed by Android 10, an update that, let's face it, not well optimized for the processor that manages it, Qualcomm Snapdragon 821. The 4 GB of RAM that we find inside is not enough if we make intensive use of the device.

If the use we make of our terminal is WhatsApp, see the mail, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the original Pixel still a terminal more than valid today as long as the battery holds. If this is not the case, replacing it we have a cell phone again for a couple more years.

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