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Google Assistant already has dark mode on Android

Google Assistant dark mode cover

The dark mode is being the main protagonist of this week. Several Google applications have already obtained it throughout these days, as has been the case with Gmail or Google Play. Now it is the turn of a new Android application to have the dark mode, which in this case is Google Assistant. The popular assistant also releases this mode.

Google had made it clear that they wanted All your applications have dark mode. They are fulfilling it now that Google Assistant also has access to this dark mode, although at the moment there are few who have access to that mode in the assistant.

Unlike the dark mode in Google Play, This does not seem to be exclusive to Android 10. Since users with Pixel phones or Samsung models have already had access to this dark mode of Google Assistant. So it would be a general update for the assistant on all Android phones.

Google Assistant dark mode

In this way, we can see that the popup window gets a dark gray tone, like the one we've seen in Gmail these days. Ideal for users with a phone with OLED or AMOLED panel will be able to reduce energy consumption, as well as favor reading.

No more details have been given about this dark mode that is being released for Google Assistant. It is expected that it will be deployed worldwide, so that users can enjoy it. But so far there have been no dates for it. So we will have to wait until more is known.

But the company's plans are clear, so that It's no surprise that Google Assistant also gets this mode Dark on Android. It seems that we will have to wait a bit to enjoy it, for now it has only been launched in markets such as the United States. We will be attentive to new news.

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