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Firefox will have its own VPN to launch for free

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla is currently renewing its Firefox browser, which in a few months will be replaced by Fenix, something that is already underway today. The new browser of the firm seeks to focus on speed, but also on privacy and security when browsing. Therefore, a VPN will be introduced that users will be able to activate for free.

At the moment it is a test that they are developing, but it seems that there are plans to launch this Firefox VPN shortly. It seeks to give users an option that is easy to use and also stands out for being free, which is undoubtedly another point of interest.

For this process, Mozilla has collaborated with Cloudfare, which is the company that is responsible for providing the proxy server for your VPN. At first it will be launched as an extension for the desktop version of Firefox. Although the company does not rule out the possibility that it will be officially launched as an Android app.

Firefox Phoenix

Definitely, for many users it would be something of interest, because it will allow them to navigate in a private and secure way on their computer without too many problems. In addition to allowing a good integration with the browser, for a much better use even.

Unfortunately, there are no current dates for the introduction of this VPN in Firefox. But it seems that It is something that the firm has been developing for months, so it should not take too long to have at least some official announcement on your part. Its launch on Android has not yet been confirmed.

We will be attentive to the launch of the Firefox VPN and we will tell you more when there is news from the company. Since it will be a release that insurance is important. We also hope to know when your new browser is going to be launched officially.

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