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DNI 3.0 has NFC technology and other innovations

Endowed with NFC technology, faster chip and with greater capacity, as well as with new security measures, the DNI 3.0 has been presented, whose expedition begins in Lleida as a pilot city – and progressively spread throughout Spain.

It has also been known that the chip of this new document is certified as a secure electronic signature creation device, providing it with the same legal validity as the handwritten factory.

The data has been disseminated by the Police, from which it has also been highlighted that due to its new technical capabilities, this DNI capable of allowing communication with smartphones through a radio frequency antenna and NFC goes – could even be used as a document of electronic trip

It is worth investigating that the announcement of this new National Identity Document has been in charge of the Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernndez Daz, in an act that the Director General of the Police, Ignacio Cosid; the Government delegate in Catalua, Mara de los Llanos de Luna; the mayor of Lleida, Angel Ros; the subdelegate of the Government, Inma Manso; and the Olympic swimmer Mireia Belmonte, who has been issued the first copy of the DNI 3.0.

On the other hand, the event has also served as a stage for the presentation of the new Passport 3.0 – which is already being issued throughout the Iberian territory – also equipped with a chip of greater capacity and speed, as well as with new security paper, components Renewed holographic and tactile, among other invisible security elements.

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