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Difference between scholarships and scholarships

There are many schemes administered by the government to promote the education of needy and deserving students, based on specific criteria that must be met by the student, to take advantage of it. The scholarship and the scholarship are two of these schemes that are often misunderstood in this regard. The scholarship It is defined as money granted by the government or any other organization to students who meet the criteria established by the granting authority.

On the contrary, the scholarship It is the scholarship granted to academics to support them in the search for research.

To continue with higher education, all students must know the difference between scholarships and scholarships, as these two provide financial assistance to candidates.

Comparative graph

Basis for comparisonBecaCompaerismo
Sense The scholarship refers to a type of scholarship that is awarded to students about their academic achievements, to encourage them to improve. The scholarship involves the financial aid granted to people who wish to investigate more on a specific subject, after they qualify for the prescribed exam.
Awarded to Students Research Fellows
based on Need, mrito and category. Mrito
Founded by Government, or any other organization. Government, research organization, private companies etc.
Study General studies Undertake the investigation

Scholarship Definition

The scholarship is used to signify the financial aid granted by the government, the university or any other organization to support the education of the students. The amount of the scholarship can be used to pay tuition, books and other expenses incurred. Unlike an education loan, it does not accumulate interest, nor does it require repayment.

The grantor, that is, the government department or the organization, establishes the criteria for obtaining scholarships, which can be academic achievements, categories, needs, etc. The criteria for the selection of beneficiaries express the objective of the government. In addition, the grantor also defines the procedure to apply for the scholarship.

Definition of companionship

The scholarship can be described as the grant awarded to academics from different disciplines such as science, agriculture, literature, administration, arts, etc., to recognize their excellence. It is an amount paid to research fellows for working on a particular subject under the supervision of an expert faculty, professor, department head, etc.

The scholarship is a financial aid based on the merit, which is provided to an individual to support him in the search for the high level degree. It includes fees and stipend for living expenses. It is granted for a fixed term upon receipt of the relevant details. The offer of validity of Junior Research Fellow is two years, which cannot be extended.

Key differences between scholarships and scholarships

The points given below are relevant in regard to the difference between scholarship and scholarship:

  1. The scholarship is nothing more than a form of scholarship granted to students of undergraduate courses, depending on their academic qualification, to support them in their subsequent studies and also encourage them to improve. On the contrary, the scholarship connotes the financial assistance provided to people who are willing to investigate more about a specific discipline, after meeting the prescribed criteria.
  2. While scholarships are provided to students, the scholarship is only for research fellows.
  3. There are different types of scholarships, that is, based on the merit (awarded to deserving students), based on need (granted to poor and needy students) and based on the category (granted to candidates belonging to a specific category). On the contrary, the scholarship is only based on credit, that is, those candidates who are selected as research fellows can obtain the scholarship.
  4. Scholarships are funded by the government, schools / colleges / universities or any other organization. In contrast, scholarships are awarded by the government, the research organization, private companies, universities, etc.
  5. The scholarship is awarded to support students in their basic studies. In contrast, the scholarship is awarded to academics to conduct research on a specific topic.


While scholarship is provided to students to assist them in pre-graduation studies, the scholarship is the financial assistance provided to help research researchers conduct research in a particular field, after completing their graduation or graduate.

Some scholarships are renewable in nature, in the sense that students can reapply. On the other hand, the scholarship is only for a fixed term, which cannot be extended.