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Dark mode is approaching one of Google’s most important apps

In recent months we have been seeing how many of the applications that Google develops to be preinstalled on Android have gone to dark mode or night mode, an aesthetic with black and gray tones perfect for those who want something less bright on the screen of their mobile.

Applications such as the Telephone, contacts and others have been updated sometimes allowing us to activate this mode but in others leaving us waiting even if the internal code had the option.

The last to arrive has been the application of the Google assistant, which has begun to show results in black tones when we ask for certain things, such as weather or flights.

Black cards in white background

For now this design is limiting as we say to very specific searches and with a version of the application in the testing phase. This is the beta 9.5 version that by default does not show these colors but does it if we activate the energy saving mode or, in the Android 9 development options, the permanent night mode.

Despite this, we have looked at it on a mobile with Android 9 but we have not been able to activate it so it is very likely that Google servers are launching this change to some users and not others.

An interface still in development

It is noted that this interface is not yet finished because the transition between elements of different color is not as fast as it should be and sometimes we see how the texts are not read well but it is something expected to be a beta version.

It does not seem that this interface is going to go to the stable version next week as usually happens with some improvements in the beta phase. Despite that, it seems confirmed that Android Q will have a default night mode, if there are no last minute changes.

If you want to try it you can install the beta version of Google from this link.