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Chameleon Launcher for tablets now available to everyone

One of the projects that have created the most enthusiasm among the users and that have received the best reception, has undoubtedly been Chamelon Launcher, which we talked about a long time ago. Google Play finally arrived this summer, but only for users who had contributed money when it was just a project, no doubt a very significant and attentive gesture towards the community, but now, It is finally available to everyone who wants itWell, rather for tablet users. Chameleon comes out of beta at a price of ? 7.86.

Chameleon Launcher gives a twist to the conventional Tablets interfaces and desktops adding much more wealth and diversity to these and especially if we have a Nexus 7 this experience can be more than interesting, considering that when you buy the tablet we have ? 20 of balance On Google Play, spending these almost ? 8 is worth it and we will hardly find out.

As the application has a lot of game, we are analyzing it thoroughly to be able to offer you a complete analysis soon and finish convincing, or not, the undecided. But I assure you that it is one of the great applications that we can find for tablets (I would say almost essential if we want to expand the tablet experience), with failures, yes, because it has just left the beta phase, but it advances very quickly solving errors and adding improvements

Chameleon Launcher works for Tablets with Honeycomb 3.2 or higher.

Download Chamelon Launcher on Google Play