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Buy better online – LA NACION

The first online purchase can generate some doubt or distrust, but it has many points in common to a real life transaction. The reputation of a brand, customer service and the quality of service and the products they offer are valuable qualities such as price.

But on the internet it is easy to get lost in the middle of so many attractive offers that do not always deliver what they promise. First of all, a related point in the technical aspect: you must always look at the security offered by the online store. It must be a secure site, and for this you have to identify that the address starts with HTTPS. Web browsers usually facilitate this reading and identify this point with the drawing of a padlock.

The most important thing: investigate, investigate, investigate. The famous "walk, lady, walk", but updated to the new times on the internet. Then you have to research prices and products in different sites. Is it worth the installment financing without interest? Or you get a better price with a single payment? In addition, without being a travel agent or an expert in air conditioning equipment, we must learn and compare the main characteristics of the service or equipment that we are interested in buying. And of course, do not forget to see the delivery conditions, customer service phone and the tracking of the purchase.

It is also necessary to take things slowly: it is never a good idea to buy in a hurry or with pressure. The good thing about online shopping: you can visit all the sites without having to deal with insistent meat and bone sellers.

And what do we do with the tempting offers on social networks like Instagram or Facebook? Based on mutual trust, similar to the informality of a fair, where you can get good opportunities, but where you also have to take more precautions. Do not make advance payments, see the product or service in person if possible.