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Attention !, the dark mode of your phone could be giving your sight

The advantages of dark mode in phones have been talked about for a long time Android Y iOSFor, on the one hand, not only the aesthetic benefits are talked about, but it also helps the phone battery to perform much more, that is, it has a direct benefit in the autonomous region.

This is why the dark mode has become so popular both in applications and natively in operating systems Android 10 Y iOS 13. However, a new study reveals that this fashion may be giving our view.

The dark mode is no friend of your sight

As mentioned by specialists of the MoneyPug site, studies on eThe dark mode has revealed that it is not good for the eyes, because it makes us strengthen our eyes much more than we should.

Comparing the view between the light mode with white background and black letters, and dark mode with black background and white letters, they discovered that in the latter eIt's much harder to focus, identify letters, transcribe, understand text and read quickly.

In fact, the source also reveals that previous studies had revealed that black-bottomed screens generated greater visual fatigue and less visual comfort. However, not all is bad news, because although the dark mode does have some negative effects, the reason why it is allowed to activate and deactivate is because we can take advantage of it in certain situations.

So you can activate the dark mode on Instagram and Google Apps without Android 10

When should you use the dark mode?

If you are in a low-light environment or are close to going to sleep it is good that you activate the dark mode, this way your view will be hurt less by reading in dark mode in a low-light environment than if we have the screen completely in White.

Another tip is that in addition to the dark mode you also activate the night light that will remove some brightness from the white letters, so you will also help not to force your eyes so much.

Here we also discuss the issue of the battery we have already talked about, so if you have a small battery it is advisable to activate it, as it will help you to endure a few more hours with that little load.