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Are information leaks harmful to the video game industry?

Pokmon Sword and Shield, Overwatch 2 the editorial of 3D Games debate on the latest leaks.

Pokmon Sword / Pokmon Shield

In recent weeks there has been an aluvin of filtered data that has allowed us to discover games like earlyOverwatch 2 or Diablo IV, in addition to abundant information aboutPokmon Sword and Shieldthat Nintendo and Game Freak protect with great zeal. Some developers have complained bitterly about this situation, so in3DGamesWe have decided to discuss it. Are the leaks so harmful to the video game industry?

S are harmful– Alberto PastorPicture of Pokmon Sword / Pokmon Shield

Like you, and like any journalist, I understand that leaks are another mechanism to obtain information and, obviously, being able to give news that no other medium knows is something that any of us will make us proud. LikewiseI live this situation as a fan, as someone who loves video games and jumps for joy when he suspects that one of his most anticipated games is about to be presented. Despite this I think there are leaks that, if you do not damage at least sthey are negative for both amateurs and creatives.

I think you have to give the information, which is our job, but not at the expense of othersListening to Jeff Kaplan talking about the disgust that the leaks of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 generated in Blizzard I find sad, because they are years of work that seek to be concreted in a special moment, in a single day … untilsomeone ruins the surprise. Nobody is going to die for it, I don't want to sound dramatic, but for anyone to take a picture of a promotional poster that nobody should talk about respecting their work is unfortunate. ORpure egolatra, when by the simple desire to be the first one is able to ruin a surprise a few hours after its presentation.

Worse is the situation of Pokmon Sword / Shield.Game freakIt has not shown virtually any of the new Pokémon that we will find in this Nintendo Switch video game, but there you have it, the complete list leaked by someone who is supposed to have signed a confidentiality agreement. I know that there are amateurs that this does not affect them the least, but there are also many others who prefer not to find out about certain issues, and sometimes it almost seems impossible. I thinkyou have to give the information, which is our job, but not at the expense of othersnor of course, using bad practices, which is something we know happens. You lived the day of the presentation of Final Fantasy VII Remake, The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3. Imagine for a second that someone would have told you that the three of them were going to be in that mythical conference. Was your reaction really the same as you had in Los Angeles?

They are not harmful– Toni PiedrabuenaPicture of Pokmon Sword / Pokmon Shield

Look, Bertins, I am exhausted by the general prudence of the videogame industry and the press in particular to think that our specialty is special, worth the redundancy, in everything. Leaks exist in all forms of communication! I think that many times we forget that ours is to inform, and that what is seen in events such as Blizzcon, E3 or Gamescom is not a show that can "spoil you"; It is a press conference for professionals who, look at what things, also interest the players. I also tell you that I am sorry to read those of Blizzard regretting the leaks and explaining what they are supposed to be for them to announce something raw, without the work of the communication professionals in the publishers and developers of video games taking care of who How, where, when, and why the announcement is launched, but I also tell you that many times everything is the fault of the firms themselves.

A leak is a monumental chain of errors born in the developer itselfAnd no, I will not enter the theory of veiled leaks of the companies themselves today (which, by the way, I do not doubt that they exist), I talk to you about developers who want to talk about what they have been creating for more than two years in his srdida office to exploited people who do not hesitate to burst the news ahead of time. I also speak to you about professionals of the medium who have enough budget to bribe internal people to talk about the firm's weavings. Do you remember that Ubisoft absolutely filtered everything before each E3? It seems they have finally taken action: remember how they taught you before the presentation of E3 2019 the new Gods & Monsters in Los Angeles. There was only one mobile phone with the video in the entire press area of ​​Ubisoft, preventing the dance of data among workers of a company as global as that of Yves Guillemot.

Are leaks harmful to the video game industry? It depends. What you see published in, for example, 3DJuegos is not the consequence of a bad decision or the intention that your good friend Piedrabuena has of spoiling you the E3 for pleasure: it is a monumental chain of errors that ends, after countless steps in which The journalist has had nothing to do, published in a magazine. What I can guarantee you is that the leaks will be anecdotes if the workers in the studies were serious about their work and did not talk more about the account with whom they should not. I can't blame the leaks; We can only blame ourselves for trying to provide the best possible information, and there, luckily or unfortunately, leaks also come into play.

And what do you think?

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