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Applications that we have to run away from on Android

The number of applications that we can find within the Google store is huge and every day increases exponentially. Having a wide variety of applications is great for users and developers, but it also involves some dangers.

No matter if you are a veteran user or a newcomer to the system, we must all be careful when installing an application on our device. We must never forget that our digital life revolves around a smartphone.

What should we consider?

What should we consider?

In a world where we want everything for yesterday, too accustomed to the next, next, next unread. We have several tools to reprogram ourselves and avoid more than a scare when installing an application.

We must check twice before installing

Google Play Store has been incorporating technology for a while Google Play Protect, responsible for monitoring the good health of the application store. But even the best security system sometimes has «Lapsus».

It would not be the first time that a known application, after an update, has been signaled by suspicious behavior. Either oversight of the developers or for true bad faith, is a situation that can always happen. Review the application permissions or suspicious behavior It is important.

Opinions can give us a clue

When installing an application or game we have the opinions of the users. Oddly enough, it can be a useful tool to detect an unwanted application on our device. The way to do it is relatively simple.

Opinions can give us a clue

We must start mistrust if we find opinions with a similar pattern between them, lack of content or meaning some and have a similar user profile. In such cases, it is recommended reorder opinions and perhaps we begin to meet reality.

Patience, our best ally

We can be impatient, we have no choice, but we must put something on our side. Since this simple detail of the human being, they take advantage more than we can think. If we are waiting for an application or game, until the official developer does not publish it, we must distrust alleged versions.

We have been able to find the most recent case with Fortnite, where weeks before its arrival on Android we could already find "versions" of it. If we have waited weeks, nothing will happen to wait a few days and confirm that the application arrives correctly.

Research and meet trusted developers

Users who have been in the Android ecosystem for a while, know more or less which developers are trusted. But newcomers must have some caution and do not install the first thing they see.

Research and meet trusted developers

To do this, we can make a Google search on that developer, visit its official website and again review the opinions of that application. We must also read in detail the data that Google Play Store gives users and don't get carried away by the application icon.

We must think if permits are really necessary

Android enjoys a detailed control of permissions for several versions, but our momentum when installing sometimes makes us overlook these details. So when installing an application or game, we must ask us if that permission that asks us is really necessary.

Does a gym application promise us that using the fingerprint reader will tell us the calories lost? Does the flashlight application want access to the contact list? These and a million possible examples should make us distrustful.

Do I really need that application?

Many times we install by momentum without thinking about the need for such an application. Before making an installation, we must search our smartphone if we have this function. A very recurring example is usually the flashlight, which in a large majority is integrated into the system.

Do I really need that application?

Being aware of them, we can save ourselves installing a flashlight application that may ask for more permits than it really needs. So it is always recommended, search, think about the real need and if necessary, rely on proven applications.

In case of problems, report

We have installed an application or when discovering one that does not have a behavior that is too appropriate, we must report to Google. Users are also an active part of the community, to keep a Google Play Store clean of suspects.

If the application is paid, we must request a refund immediately Y Get in touch with Google support for them to take action on the matter. Uninstall the application and say nothing, only favors developers with bad intentions.

What should we suspect in an application?

Whether a game or an application, there are several details that we can take into account to know if we have found an element that passes the red line. We must also think twice if the "promises" of any application make any sense.

What should we suspect in an application?

It will not be the first or the last time we find applications that promise us for example, lower temperatures, clean virus, Increase performance and even multiply our storage or ram.

All these examples are simply a big lie.

In 95% of the occasions, this type of applications or they don't really do anything -waiting our placebo effect- or take advantage of our confidence to access the data of our smartphone. Reason why we should discard them without regard.

We must also suspect applications that show us OK buttons insistently, close buttons the application or flashy so that we lower our guard and press them. And here are included those that make a excessive and intrusive use of advertising.

We must distrust the buttons and striking messages

If we are in this situation, we will press the Home button and we will immediately uninstall that application.

Nothing is infallible, however, following the advice we have detailed. In addition to think two and read four times, before installing will save us a large number of scares. And we must not forget that our smartphone contains a large amount of personal data, very important and that we must protect.

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