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Apple Watch New design and larger screens for 2018

Apple Watch are well known for being one of the first smartwatch That went out to the market. The Apple company has always been characterized by innovating with its products, at least as it was before. And his plan for 2018 is that of improve and renew the design of Apple Watch. Apple Watch Series 4 will have a new design and larger screens, up to 15% according to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI. This will be the first physical redesign since its launch in 2015, with 15% larger screens, although it is not clear whether the clock as a whole will be larger or seek to reduce edges and thickness to achieve that promised increase in screen magnification.

Apart from increasing its screen and improving the design with surely thinner edges, the Apple Watch also includesa battery with greater capacity Y new sensorsthat combined with the price reduction of old models It aims to significantly increase the popularity of one of Apple's star devices, the Apple Watch. One thing that makes us think about the fact that the edges will be thinner to achieve that screen magnification, is the line they have taken with the design of the new IPhone. In both this and its tablets, Apple seems to want to end once and for all with this odious impediment on the screens of our devices.

Apple watch

Waiting to learn more, a renewed design, larger and larger autonomous screen will be the key elements for the launch of this new review of the Apple Watch for this year 2018. We will see if with the wide variety of models and smarwatch prices that are currently on the market this new Apple Watch manages to make a foothold and make itself known to A wider market. But everything seems to point out that if its price does not fall, this review will have been in vain.